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Foster Serenity and Balance

  • reduce the effects of stress

  • increase circulation

  • increase flexibility

  • reduce tendonitis pain;  like  golfers or tennis elbow

  • ease the effects of Fibromyalgia

benefits of massage

The massage and bodywork we offer helps you ‘reconnect’ your mind & body allowing you to function as an efficient, balanced and productive being. 

Benefits of Massage

If you suffer from stress or its related illnesses or aches and pains from daily living, massage may help. You may simply wish to relax and increase your feeling of well being.

Swedish Massage

History of Massage

Massage has long been recognized for its health-enhancing effects. In our culture, massage is viewed as a complementary therapy used to maintain and improve health. 

Anyone who has rubbed the stiff neck of a friend knows by experience that massage relieves pain and muscle tension. 

Healing Path Massage

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